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HPMP creates the social and technological infrastructure needed to make interactions between gaming community and game developers easy and effective.

By combining a community management tool, market place opportunities and a set of specific gaming communication technologies into a single system, we are developing a decentralized gaming infrastructure for the effective management of interactions in traditional financial and crypto-markets.

HPMP bridges game fans with game creators in a self-regulating system. We bring a comfortable ecosystem on gaming market that benefits all market players.

Team and contacts

Photo of Igor Data

Igor Data


Serial enterpreneur
Full-stack web developer

Photo of Albert Bashirov

Albert Bashirov


Two years CTO
Four years of project TM experience
5 years of full-stack web developer

Photo of Nina Egorova

Nina Egorova


Seven years of operational and administrative management experience

Photo of Olga Pankratova

Olga Pankratova

Financial Director

Twelve years of experience of company finance administration
People management


HPMP develops the concept and is built on the experience gained during the creation of — gaming community management tool. GuildWalls grew naturally in tight collaboration with users.

By providing users with a convenient communication channels and solutions for the everyday tasks that gamers face, we achieved significant traction and loyalty rates even in the absence of a targeted budgets for marketing.

We already have a working prototype with an active audience, which will form the core of HPMP at the initial stage.